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Thursday, August 18, 2011


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Rating: 6.6/10 - 4,269 votes
Director: Je-gyu Kang
Writer: Je-gyu Kang
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Mystery | Romance | Thriller
Awards: 3 wins & 2 nominations
Cast: Han Seok-Gyu, Choi Min-Sik, Kim Yun-Jin

Synopsis :
RYU and LEE are special of O.P., the nation's top secret intelligence service. When an O.P. informer is shot by a sniper in broad daylight, RYU instinctively suspects the involvement of HEE, Ace-sniper of the North Korean 8th special force. Her track record includes numerous assassinations of government officials and the astonishing ability to dodge the authorities in disguise. In the process of investigating this case, RYU and LEE learn that HEE had attempted to secure into her possession South Korean explosives, but they fall into a deadly trap set by PARK, the leader of the North Korean special force. RYU recognizes PARK, whom he first met during a hijacking operation, in a surveillance video of a deadly hit, and realizes the latter's infiltration into South Korea. Meanwhile, O.P. suspects a mole in the organization when they realize that Hee is always one step ahead. The film heads toward a drastic conclusion as O.P. must put a stop to the explosive conspiracy that the North koreans have in stock.